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Gabby DiMarco may be the coolest chick we know, and we don’t even know her!

During Tuesday night’s Braves-Padres game at PETCO Park, a foul ball came flying her way off the bat of Atlanta’s Ender Inciarte. She joined all the fans around her trying to catch it in the upper deck and what happened next is pretty awesome…

“It bounced from behind me, I was trying to catch it all, and it landed in my cup,” she told

That’s not even the best part. After the ball bounced into Gabby’s beer, she promptly raised it up to the crowd then chugged the the whole damn thing.

Someone grabbed her friend’s video from Instagram Stories. It’s great, just ignore the Twitter handle (GO FLYERS)

Unfortunately the Padres lost that game to the Braves 14 – 1.