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Milwaukee Brewers relief pitcher Adrian Houser made it through the top of the eighth inning of a 10-9 loss to the Phillies despite throwing up twice during the inning. The right-hander, who was called on to pitch in the inning with the Brewers already losing 8-5, first threw up behind the mound after his warm up pitches. Manager Craig Counsell came out to the mound and gave the pitcher a bottle of water while the grounds crew came on to dump some water on the area behind the mound where Houser puked. He then threw a few more warm-up pitches and stayed in the game. He allowed a double to Phils catcher Jorge Alfaro to open the inning and then got pinch hitter Jesmuel Valentin to ground out before pausing, working his way around the mound again and vomiting a second time!!!

Need more pukey puke?! Sure! Here’s a second video courtesy of NBCSports Philadelphia:

Phils' explosive offense makes pitcher ill

Adrian Houser had a rough day on the mound for the Brewers and battled through stomach issues to finish the inning.

And yet a THIRD video from a different angle, just in case you’re into this sort of thing and need to watch it again and again… (Courtesy of BWanksCB of Crossing Broad on Twitter):

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