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Playing for 200 points

Press play, competition begins at the 3rd chapter:

A race against each other, testing resourcefulness, ingenuity and knowledge of their homeland.  Each contestant is placed deep within hostile territory and challenged to return safely to their home base. 

  • Casey begins at Kathy’s Alma Mater, Pennsbury High School
  • Kathy at Casey’s go to spot for golf, Paxon Hollow Golf County Club

The Rules:

  • Both depart at the exact same time.
  • No use of GPS or maps is allowed
  • No use of phones other than to speak on air
  • Driver will only go where told & cannot help with directions
  • May stop and ask for directions if necessary
  • MUST obey the posted speed limit on each road you travel

Scroll through photos below & a compilation of hilarious moments posted here