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10 points per correct answer

Press play, contest begins at Chapter 5

The score is BucksCo : 200, Delco : 0

For Day 2, both contestants were asked to bring in a partner who lives or lived in their respective county. Kathy chose her best friend from high school, Alisa Frederico aka Queen B:

Casey paired up with his big brother, Dave aka FOZ:

Moments before the microphones went on, it was revealed that we were playing the PYRAMID GAME (good thing we told them early because Kathy forgot how to play!). The categories:

Bucksco: Vala-DICK-torian, My Life In One Word, Plushies, There Aren’t Enough Celebs, Memory Lane, Seed of thought

Delco: One, Two, Three, FORE, Forgive me Father, Stuck in the Rutt, Every State in America, The County Seat, A Gaggle of Clues

Click the podcast above to play along with each category and scroll through the pictures while you listen: