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This woman, sitting on a bench in the square near Independence Hall in Philly, uses cat-like reflexes to snag these little birds (they look like sparrows), and then, inexplicably, put them in plastic bags. Then she seals the bag with what looks like a bag-tie. After the video ends, a US park ranger confronted the woman, who apparently has been seen snatching birds and placing them alive in plastic bags. This was not her first bird offense.

She was at the square near Independence Hall in Philly. (Video courtesy of twitter user Lethal Shooter)

We have several questions:

  1. Why?
  2. Seriously, WHY?!
  3. If she hadn’t been caught, were these birds set to become food? Pets?
  4. How many birds are in that bag?!
  5. She’s really good at it, so obviously, she’s done this many times before. How many birds weren’t so lucky?!
  6. WHHHHHYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!!?!?!?

According to the original article in the New York Post, “Park Service spokeswoman Gina Gilliam says a ranger approached the couple Tuesday over a complaint they were catching birds. The ranger observed empty plastic bags and told the couple that trapping wildlife in the park is illegal.”

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