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Zeppelin Share New Teases of 50th Anniversary Book

Led Zeppelin By Led Zeppelin won’t be coming out until October, but that’s not stopping the band from sharing a few teases of the book.

The following three images were shared recently that highlight the book’s cover, some of its includes images and handwritten notes from Jimmy Page.

Led Zeppelin By Led Zeppelin will be released in conjunction with the band’s 50th anniversary and is available for pre-order through its publisher at

Led Zeppelin on Twitter

Testing the gold foil blocking and cloth for the cover of Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin. Published by @ReelArtPress Pre-order your copy here:

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Led Zeppelin on Twitter

Jimmy Page's handwritten annotations for the official book 'Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin'. Work in progress! Published in October 2018 by @ReelArtPress. Pre-order your copy here:

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