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We get it, Dark Knight. Marvel rules, DC drools!

Conan O’Brien is doing a whole week of shows from San Diego as their Comic-Con International hero has arrived. A week of live CONAN shows from San Diego Comic-Con is being taped through July 21 at the historic Spreckels Theatre. And when at Comic-Con, one must pay respect to, you know, comic books… In this skit, Conan dresses like a very desperate Batman who is SO tired of the “losers” at the DC table in the cafeteria. Batman just wants to hang out with the “cool kids” over at the Marvel table, including Thor, played by the incomparable David Koechner!

From Team Coco: Batman is sick of the perpetually rainy and depressing DC Universe; he’d rather have a seat at the Avengers’ table.

And be sure to see our buddy David Koechner at Helium Comedy Club this weekend!

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