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These six men have lost the battle with their hair but thanks to our friends at Shaving Grace we are helping them WIN THE WAR!

A few were nominated by their wives/girlfriends, some concerned friends and a couple knew themselves that it was time. Meet our brave new friends –

Top Row:  (L to R)

  • Thomas Feehan – balding since he was 21.
  • Harry Wood – In need of a major change in his life, started losing his hair when he was 17.
  • Larry Miller – he has been balding since his 20’s and has WANTED to shave his head, but his wife wouldn’t let him.

Bottom Row:

  • John Hudson – has been fighting male pattern baldness and doesn’t want to look like Uncle Fester.
  • Harley Nelson – nominated by his wife, Brooke, who thinks he is the sexiest guy alive but that he could still use some help.
  • Adam Mills – 33-year-old engineer who’s been self conscious about his hair for a while. He was nominated by his wife, Brittany and is NOT  allowed to grow a mustache after shaving his head.

Brian from Chorus Photography documented the entire transformation:

How about these before and afters!!