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Aerosmith’s Original Tour Van Found, Abandoned in the Woods for Decades

This recent rock and roll discovery in the woods of Massachusetts makes the plotline to Stand By Me look like clown shoes.

A recently aired episode of History Channel’s American Pickers leads hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz to Chesterfield, Mass. where on a wooded property resides Aerosmith’s original tour van, a 1964 International Harvester Metro.  Both Joe Perry and original rhythm guitarist Ray Tabano confirmed the found van was, in fact, their primary mode of transportation during those formative early gigs.

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A piece of rock 'n' roll history involving Boston band Aerosmith has been found on the other side of Massachusetts.

The person who owns the property said he bought the land from “someone with a connection to Aerosmith,” which is ridiculously shady and we’re dying to know who that was.  Of course, we’re also dying to know whose idea it was to just dump the van in the words and what other Aerosmith artifacts could have been pitched in the same way over the years.  THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER QUESTIONS!

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