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Heron. 'Hair Line?' Heron. 'Hurling?' - Epic Spelling Bee Fail

Hair One?

No kid ever looks easy going on stage at spelling bee, but this is the most uncomfortable video we've ever seen:

'Heron' The Greatest Spelling Bee Fail/Epic Win of All Time

Skip to 0:35 for spelling bee Watch Tosh.O next Tuesday 6/19 for my web redemption 😀 Heron. My most infamous word of all time. This is its story. This is me failing to spell the word heron(HAIRLINE???????) Anyways I recorded this with an HD PVR(dvd in xbox) so yeah watch till the end and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The teacher is literally moments away from yelling, "IT'S HERON. H-E-R-O-N."

Christopher Ferreria obviously had fun with the whole situation and explained:

The reason why I couldn't hear the word is because the speakers were facing the audience, not toward the spellers as it should be. Because of this I didn't get the word until after I had to find out the meaning. Note that I did ask for definition before the tangent. If I were paying attention to that I wouldn't have done this:P

Hair Wink?