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Pietra Del Pizzo doesn’t consider herself a Not Your Average Listener, but her dentist does! 

Read his nominationI am good friends with a family who has a 26 year old daughter, Petie (short for Pietra).  She is charming, bright, very attractive, funny, and has an unreal singing voice.  She is a professional music therapist – with a twist!  She works for a chain of life-care facilities with locations all over the Delaware Valley.  Her job is to sing to patients on the verge of death, many of which are comatose.   She often starts out on her planned daily rounds but often gets called to the bedside of someone about to expire.  

Petie explained to me that hearing is the last sense to fail (much sooner if they are P & S listeners?) and that singing soothes a patient’s subconscious anxiety.  In fact, she has had five patients expire mid-song (sometimes at the crescendo!) over the past year!!!  Petie’s singing is also therapeutic for the families, and she sometimes ends up singing at the patient’s funeral.   On weekend’s Petie sings with her father’s Delco party-band, Del’s Groove (they have done events with you guys).  Sorry to bother you at work,  Chris Furlan

We immediately reached out to Petie to learn more! She shared a few more details about herself: I work for Brookdale Hospice as a full time employee. (the best hospice team out there!) To be a music therapist you need to go to school and major in music therapy for about four and half years. Then you have to do a six month 1000 hour internship. After that you have to take your boards and pass them. I did my internship with individuals with severe mental illness who committed murders and sex crimes and they hired me after my internship. I worked there for almost two years. Then I became the music therapist for Brookdale Hospice. On the weekends I gig in my dad’s band Del’s Groove. See you soon!


SPOILER: You voted Petie a Not Your Average Listener and she won $250 from our friends at Krapf