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UPDATE: Paul Flart aka Doug, a South Jersey native, grew up listening to WMMR! His buddy called saying, “dude, you’re on the Bizarre Files.” Doug then reached out to Preston and of course we invited him to come on the show. Listen to the interview – Chapter 7:


ORIGINAL POST:  First reported in The Bizarre Files Podcast: Florida security guard fired when his farts blew up the internet (take a listen)   

WARNING: The Following Video Includes an Extreme Fart Compilation Alert (enjoy!)

Sadly this one comes with unfortunate repercussions.

This security guard, dubbed Paul Flart, was fired after his impressive string of on-the-job-gas-passing blew up on Reddit.

It all started with a bunch of 3 – 6 second videos posted to Paul Flart aka Doug’s Instagram account. Did we say a bunch? We meant A LOT! Doug’s boss caught wind of the toots and confronted him:

During the encounter, which Doug streamed live on Instagram, the boss clearly stated that he had asked Doug to stop posting videos letting it rip in a company uniform.

Apparently that was grounds for firing. Good thing we don’t have the same boss or we would have lost our job years ago.

On a positive note, the hits on Paul Flart’s YouTube page lead us to believe he may have a new career in his future…