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When a special Cal Jam ’18 pop up show at the Hollywood Palladium was announced, Foo Fighters fans knew what was up. 

Chevy Metal is a covers band featuring Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, and when you couple that with the faux band name that the Foo Fighters have played surprise shows under named The Holy Sh*ts, the probability that there will be some Foo Fighting hilarity is about 66 2/3 percent, maybe more.

According to Loudwire, Chevy Metal played Thin Lizzy’s “Jailbreak,” The Knack’s “My Sharona,” the Rolling Stones’ “Miss You,” Queen’s “Tie Your Mother Down” followed by the Queen/Bowie classic “Under Pressure.” As if this wasn’t cool enough already,  Queen‘s Roger Taylor also sat in with the band:

Dave Grohl joined the band for “Stay With Me,” and then The Holy Sh*ts took the stage, which was really just the Foo Fighters playing a free show. They were dug deep into their catalog though, which made it for an even more exciting experience, playing songs like “Watershed,” “Gimme Stitches,” “Weenie Beenie,” “Low,” “Hey Johnny Park,” “Alone + Easy Target,” “New Way Home.” and “Low”:

The Holy Shits "Low" 8-26-2018

Uploaded by TheeStarlitSky on 2018-08-27.

To make this the ultimate fan experience, Foo memorabilia like Dave’s guitar throne and the classic White Limo were on display (scroll through):