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After teasing the news, Metallica made it official today with the announcement of their 1988 album …And Justice For All getting the full reissue treatment.

Due out November 2, the reissue of …And Justice For All will be available in a number of different formats, and they include:

-Deluxe Box Set (11 CDs/6 LPs/4 DVDs. Plus an obscene amount of extras.)
-3 CD Expanded edition (Featuring unreleased demos, rough mixes and live cuts.)
-Single CD
-Digital Download
-Cassette (because why not?)

The band also released this unboxing video of Kirk Hammett sorting through all of the components of the massive deluxe box set, and frankly, it’s just a fun watch to see him go through all of these artifacts.  He’s clearly having a lot of fun!

Metallica: ...And Justice for All (Deluxe Box Set) Unboxing Video

Join Kirk as he takes his first look at the Remastered Deluxe Box Set of ...And Justice for All. Pre-order the Remastered Deluxe Box Set of ...And Justice for All at or wherever you buy music. Also available on Vinyl, CD, 3-CD Expanded Edition & Digital Download on November 2nd, 2018.

Pre-order at or listen and win during the MMR 50 Day March to Metallica (details & full prize list

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