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You are about to experience nearly four minutes of some seriously compelling WTF??!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson endorses Under Armour. Neil Patrick Harris plugs Heineken Light. LeBron James is all aboard the Nike train. Even Drew Barrymore gets paid to talk about Crocs, of all things. So we’re guessing that Sly Stallone was just looking for some extra cash?

Honestly, we’re not really sure. What we DO know is that this video is epic. It’s narrated by Sly. The computer graphics are, um, impressive? We mean, if it were 1998, yes… Take a look and see for yourself:

Montegrappa Chaos Watch & Pens by Sylvester Stallone… we’re sorry if you want those 4 minutes back.


Was one of your first thoughts, “I can’t wait to hear what Steve Morrison does with this audio?” Us too. Take a listen:

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