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Listener Kim performs as a singing telegram with the company, Classic Singing Telegram!


You decided that Kim IS a “not your average listener”!

And she looks good holding balloons, too!

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Welcome to the family l... I love you already!!!!

28 Likes, 3 Comments - Kimberly Offner (@kimmykimgroffner) on Instagram: "Welcome to the family l... I love you already!!!!"

Here is Kim’s email submission:

So what makes me a Not Your Average Listener is that I am a classic singing telegram delivery girl.   So, what that means is : for the past 5 years, I have been driving around in costumes all over the tri-state area and breaking into people’s homes, hospitals, offices etc. to delight and embarrass people with personalized songs.   Every single telegram I deliver, the person always says they had no idea these still happened … Well they definitely do!   I once did one for former Eagle Riley Cooper dressed as a banana.   I was also featured on the speed channel pretending to be a wild stalker of a nascar driver.   The costumes are usually a bell hop, banana, or a ballerina gorilla.  But I’ve also been required to dress as a sexy sailor, sexy eagles girl, a crazed fan, and once I had to act like I was from the health department and stormed into a “celebrate your boss” day party to demand this man shut down his rehab facility because we found spiders in his exercise equipment.  He was obviously thrown off!  While in the midst of him screaming at me, I started to sing.   I have a lot of really crazy/funny stories about getting sent into the straight up hood to do telegrams from secret lesbian lovers and also at least one stalker-sent telegram where he requested I sing “I’m going crazy” by nsync to this poor woman.   It’s a fun job and I have lots of stories!

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