Archery Tag is a Thing (and we need to play it!)

Apparently Archery Tag has been around for a few years... so why are just hearing about it now?

We discussed the game on today's show (Chapter #3):

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To understand the concept of the Archery Tag, start by thinking about Dodgeball. Two teams on either end of a court with dodgeballs lined up in the center. Now replace the dodgeballs with arrows (that have safe, padded tips) add protective gear to each player and obstacles to hide behind.

Extreme Archery Tag is a thing too! The game has been played everywhere from gymnasiums to open bodies of water:

Archery Tag

Check out this new mash up video!!! Super awesome!!! #ShootYourFriends

Expect to see a ruthless game of Archery Tag at Camp Out for Hunger  (November 26 - 30th at Xfinity LIVE)