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The Captain ~ The Pilot ~ The Driver is the brainchild from Philadelphia-based writer and musician, Paul Hocynec. The story follows a man looking for answers to life’s questions as he battles his 3 shadows. The desire for self identity, eternal love, and spiritual enlightenment is at the cornerstone of The Captain ~ The Pilot ~ The Driver story. Beginning in 2010 when Hocynec took a solo road trip around the country in an attempt to “find himself” he began assembling a vision for a musical project that would encompass all of life’s uncertainties with an objective to formulate a map to contentment and inner peace. In the years since that road trip, Paul has spent most of that time conceptualizing every aspect of the story, 5 of those years in which Hocynec isolated himself in his production studio, sleeping on futons and couches, sometimes spending several days without going outside or talking to anyone. To quote Hocynec, “This project serves as a representation of how isolation can morph the mind, and turn a human into a complete internal and self serving monster.”

It follows the path of 3 characters:

THE CAPTAIN, a man who revels in being the reincarnation of the Stranger in Clint Eastwood’s “High Plains Drifter” is constantly on the hunt for affection. Though he displays the essence of being a man of desire, deep down he is desperately on the chase to find approval from the opposition. This soon permeates throughout his aura and quickly turns into desperation. Over time, his constant need for approval eliminates the best qualities he has to offer and sends him farther and farther away from reality. Out of touch with his true feelings, he keeps himself guarded in expressing his emotions. Though having an immense amount of heart and love to give, his perception of how he is internally, is the complete opposite of how he is perceived on the outside. In his quest to attain a woman’s approval, he drowns himself with his own emotions, clinging to anything he can find, and resisting the art of patience. He’s become an empty shell of a man who’s afraid of being vulnerable and unwilling to show his true self and admit that at his core, he craves eternal love.

THE PILOT, a preacher man in search for the way of truth. He’s caught in a existential paralysis, constantly shifting from true believer to non-believer. Raised on the teachings of Catholicism, he is consistently at odds with what was embedded into his psyche from his youth. Aware of his own limited viewpoints, he constantly searches for new pathways of understanding, diving deep into the teachings of ancient philosophers Parmenides, Aristotle, and Plato with the desire to reprogram the morals at his core. With every new discovery, he quickly becomes obsessive and clings to every new belief like it is the only true gospel. He then spreads his new understandings as if they were his own doctrine, claiming to be the new messiah who will lead the spiritless into nirvana. Though he possesses the ability to attract and lead followers, truly aware people can see through him and see it’s an act. Lacking the strength to live by his own mantra and spiritual identity, he hangs onto the world by trying to entertain and win the hearts of all, instead of seeking out his own spiritual enlightenment.

THE DRIVER, is a true lone wolf. The last of his name, he was born into wealth and stability. His struggle revolves around the desire to reject all that was taught to him in his youth. Though he possesses the ability to live a carefree life, he is haunted by the actions of his adolescence. Afraid to release the days of his youth, he tried to live out the freewheeling renegade lifestyle he’s always dreamed of in an attempt to recreate the life he wished he had lived. In his exploration he spirals into a man who becomes out of touch with himself. An obsession with Vanity and Fame, his desire for popularity becomes his need for perfection. While striving to be the King of his life, he loses himself. Unaware that notoriety on a stratospheric level will only bring him attention from the faceless, he is obsessive to reach the pinnacle of Infamy. After spending years searching for himself, he begins to lean on others’ suggestions for direction. Fear has taken hold of his mind and left him afraid to take a leap into the unknown that is life. Without the strength to listen to his own thoughts, he tries too hard to impress. He displays a sense of insecurity and anxiety, distancing himself and falling farther into a deep depression. Years in solitude have left him with a longing for the full human experience. Consistently either looking in the past or looking too far in the future, he suffocates by never living in the moment. His life will only feel complete when he realizes he’s already arrived and accepts his own identity.

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