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Every fan of The Goldbergs with Philadelphia roots who lived through the 1980-somethings probably has a show idea for Jenkintown native, Adam F. Goldberg.

We were lucky enough to share ours! During an interview last Fall, we took the opportunity to share a few suggestions with Adam (a few of which had already been written into his scripts!)  The creator/producer/writer then turned the tables and asked us something that had been bugging him, “what’s the name of that dance club with the robot that would descend from the ceiling?”

Pulsations? YES! As you’ll hear in the interview above, Adam had been describing that club to his team of LA based writers for months with no luck. We helped him solve the mystery!

Then the whole situation got crazier…

Phone calls began coming in from listeners offering to help us connect the owner of the famed Pulsations robot, Pulsar, to Adam.  At first it looked promising, then less and less feasible. Then we were promptly reminded to NEVER underestimate a determined Philadelphian (especially one with access to ABC/Disney funds to make things happen!)

Adam F. Goldberg, with the assistance of our great friend, Ike Richman, pull it off! That was Early October and now the episode will air Wednesday, December 5th.

Watch the new episode, “Bachelor Party” where Barry thinks he wants a wild, adult bachelor party, but he ultimately realizes Adam’s idea of a party to celebrate his brother as a bachelor is more his speed… starring PULSAR Wednesday at 8pm on 6ABC.

Behind the scenes photos shared courtesy of ABC & Ike Richman Communications