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I don’t know if I get more annoyed when my kids are bickering or when they’re rambunctious having a great time.

Things got real this morning when we opened up about parenting. The worst moments being when you’re bickering with the child, or they are fighting with each other, and we as parents feel like we have lose all control.  Today was a great reminder that we are not alone! According to a study released by Sleepopolis, kids will have over 4,200 arguments with their parents by the age of 18.


They say most of these fights last an average of 14 minutes and parents estimate that they “win” about 60%. What are we most commonly fighting about?

Top causes for arguments

  1. Household chores
  2. Messy bedroom
  3. Not cleaning up shared spaces
  4. Doing homework
  5. Bedtime/going to bed
  6. Spending too much time on a phone/computer
  7. Sibling arguments
  8. Brushing teeth
  9. Watching too much TV
  10. Not eating healthy foods at meals


…how about just flushing the toilet? I mean, come on, kid!! Take a peek into our lives at home and learn some valuable tips from Lisa a family therapist who weighed in (Chapter #5):