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The experts have weighed in and apparently we’re all eating chocolate the wrong way. Normally we would ignore lists like this, but if they have a way to make something so good even better, then it’s worth a listen.

We break down the savory suggestions on today’s Fun Size Podcast:


Firstly, you don’t have to keep it in the fridge.

  • It doesn’t extend the freshness and it masks all these characteristics you are about to learn…

You’re not rubbing it first.

  • Not so much a “rub,” but press your thumb to your chocolate to 1) soften it up and 2) release the natural aromas.

You’re eating it without smelling it first.

  • Be like Kathy, sniff everything.

You’re not breaking it into pieces first.

  • It lets out more aromas.

You’re shoving it all into your mouth at once.

  • Taking a teeny tiny bites. Savor it.

You’re chewing it. 

  • No teeth at all. Instead, press the chocolate onto the roof of your mouth and let it melt there. The treat will last longer and this way you will taste the hidden complexities.

You’re mixing chocolates.

  • Too many flavors in a single session blurs the entire experience for your taste buds. Limit yourself to one or two varieties.

You’re washing it down too fast.

  •  Drinking anything immediately after the above steps shortens your chocolate enjoyment time.