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Do we have to put Dave Grohl in a bubble or something?!

Foo Fighters performed at a special CES 2019 gig at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas that saw Grohl fall off the stage likely giving him flashbacks to the nasty fall from 2015 off a stage in Sweden that resulted in him infamously breaking his leg.

Grohl innocently wandered to the side stage near a speaker where a fan handed him a can of beer.  After spilling beer on the speaker, Grohl then downs the can, and as he’s making his way back to center stage, he loses his footing and falls backward offstage.  Fortunately, a member of the security staff broke his fall, and the stage wasn’t elevated too far from the ground.

Regardless, please be more careful next time!

Dave Grohl Falls Off Stage at Las Vegas Show

Watch Dave Fall Off Stage again

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Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock news blogger who's well versed in etiquette and extraordinarily nice.