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The Sixers beat up on the Houston Rockets last night at the Center, winning 121-to-93. Joel Embiid had 32 points and 14 rebounds to lead the Sixers past MVP contender James Harden and the Rockets. The Sixers improved to 20-and-4 at home and if they keep getting audience participation like this, we don’t see them ever losing again…

Fans know the first kid as 9 year old Anthony Stuard aka @SixersDanceKid who’s been entertaining the crowd during time outs since the camera first spotted him last season. The second dynamic dancer is new to the Sixers’ screens this year. We don’t know his name – yet – but something tells us these two will be making the Philly Phamous circuit soon.

Keep is up, guys, Philly loves you! Our spies on the court tell us that Kendell Jenner and James Harden (whose team was down by 30 points at the time) were cracking up with the rest of the crowd too.

Here’s another view of the epic dancing, provided by the Sixers Reporter for NBC Sports Philadelphia, Serena Winters:


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