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UPDATE 2/12 – The owners have admitted that they build the elaborate display to lure in potential buyers & renters. They have an interesting backstory, read it here.


UPDATE 2/8 – As of Friday afternoon the S&M room photos were removed from the listing and the Air B&B post was taken down. Damn! Thankfully Brian Hickey from Philly Voice booked a tour and filmed it for us:



Home Owner: Hi! Can you help me sell my house?

Realtor: Of course! Does it have a unique feature we should highlight? 

HO: Yeah, I call it “50 shades of Maple Glen”


This beautiful, 5,029 sq ft home located on a small, private lane in Delaware County has super sexy twist: A Sex Room.

There’s no dancing around the obvious, it’s not an embarrassing item accidentally sticking out from under the bed, this house has a big old, fully stocked S&M basement:

If this is the house of your dreams, but you want to give it a test run first, it’s available on Air B&B for $750 a night, $2,000 on the weekend.

PS: the Air B&B photos are a lot dirtier….