Flashback: Nick Murphy's Zelda Trailer Will Make You Super Smile

This year will mark Nick Murphy's 10th year as the Video Producer of The Preston & Steve Show. During that time he has upgraded our YouTube channel from amateur to EXPERT, crafted the Daily Rush video series and even got our mugs into a weekly Comcast OnDemand show.

On top of that, he makes lots of kickass projects outside of the radio station. Nick recently posted this Zelda movie trailer complete with it's shot-to-shot 80's movie comparison from a few years ago. As the Tweet promises, super smiles all around...

Nick Murphy on Twitter

Eight years ago, we made one of my favorite things. I got to share my love of 80s movies. I forgot we made this comparison video of the scenes we were parodying and it made me super smile. https://t.co/a2EEWEv78o