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Vinnie Paul Left Off GRAMMY “In Memoriam” Tribute and Fans Are Pissed

By now, hard rock and metal fans are used to being ignored by the GRAMMYs, but the Recording Academy really stepped in it last night.

During the "In Memorium" segment, there was one very glaring omission:  Vinnie Paul Abbott.

From Pantera to Damage Plan to HELLYEAH, there have been few musicians who waved the metal flag as proudly as Vinnie Paul.  His unexpected passing last year proved just how much of an ambassador for the genre he was. The fact he wasn't honored alongside other music figures that died this year just hurts.

Many fans feel the same way.  Here are just some of the more notable reactions.

(NOTE: To those who've mentioned Vinnie Paul is listed on the GRAMMY's "In Memorium" section on their website, it is very much not the same as being honored during the telecast, and you'd be a fool to think it is.)

Lou Brutus on Twitter

Dear @RecordingAcad: This is a picture of Vinnie Paul. Though you did not think he and other prominent Rock musicians worthy of your memorial segment, there are millions of us who disagree. Shame on the #Grammys for their vile disrespect to so many talented human beings.

Kerrang! Magazine on Twitter

And then the @RecordingAcad left Vinnie Paul Abbott out of the In Memoriam reel. Thanks for reminding metalheads you don't really care about our fallen heroes, #GRAMMYs! RIP Vinnie Paul.

Justin on Twitter

Had the pleasure of seeing Vinnie Paul play drums a couple years ago and he was amazing. The fact his passing was never mentioned during the Grammy's is an insult to the rock community. #GRAMMYs

Sophie Jane Paterson on Twitter

The #Grammys need to recognise rock & metal musicians. They also forgot to include @slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman in the obituaries at 2014 Grammys. Vinnie Paul Was Left Out Of The Grammys' In Memoriam Reel via @KerrangMagazine #Grammys2019 #VinniePaul

Rich Anthony on Twitter

@EddieTrunk @Metallica @KerrangMagazine What a fuckin' joke! CLUELESS doesn't even begin to describe the #Grammys committee! Vinnie Paul wasn't just some heavy metal guy, he was previously NOMINATED four fuckin' times for a #Grammy award. It's listed on their own website! They can't mention him?

Saxon Davis on Twitter

I'm actually pissed and shocked that they left out one of the greatest drummers, Vinnie Paul. #GRAMMYs RIP Vinnie Paul. @KerrangMagazine @Pantera @VinniePaulOffic @RecordingAcad

Jim Osborne AF on Twitter

Somebody watching the Grammy's, please let me know if they include Vinnie Paul in the tribute to those we lost this year. It's one thing not to air the Metal awards, but to snub those who have passed is fucking wrong. Thinking of Jeff Hanneman! #RIPVINNIEPAUL #RIPJEFFHANNEMAN

GMFS on Twitter

@EddieTrunk What a shit show the Grammys are. How do you leave Vinnie Paul, 4 time Grammy nominated drummer that was a standard bearer for his genre out of in memorium? Pathetic!

???????????????????????????????? ???? on Twitter

the grammys really left vinnie paul out of the in memoriam segment

Melanin Manson on Twitter

So...No Dolores O'Riordan or Vinnie Paul love? #Grammys

Ted Hallows on Twitter

Can't believe the Grammy's didn't include Vinnie Paul in their "In Memorandum" section for this year. Epic fail. They should have recognized him. @VinniePaulOffic #vinnepaul #bigvin #grammys #grammysfail #epicfail #pantera #hellyeah #damageplan #ripvinniepaul


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