John Diantonio is a sushi chef who catches his own tuna! Is he a Not Your Average Listener?

Some people are chefs. Some people love to fish. This guy combines them to make a living!

A little bio John wrote about himself:
"I am the most passionate person you will meet about food. I believe food should be as fresh as possible, and as close to its original form, without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. I have been honing my craft for 32 years in Philadelphia, and have traveled to over 23 countries, studying local cuisines, and can pretty much make anything authentically. I have varying interests other than catching these giant tuna, which include, spear fishing (my dream is to shoot a 500lb tuna with my spear gun, I have the gun, just haven't had the opportunity yet), buying and selling high end comic books, and video games, studying crypto-currency and the bitcoin space. When I am not working I love to surf and teaching my grandson Mason about life. Our motto is 'Food so good you would think we kidnapped your Grandmother'".

Instagram: diantonios_catering

Be sure to check out our owner John Diantonio and his son Dominic on Preston and Steve 93.3 WMMR on the Not Your Average Listener segment. John Will be making fresh tuna sushi for Preston and Steve, and discussing catching and preparing Giant Bluefin Tuna. His son will be bringing in some rare and expensive comic books! If you cant listen live, you can check the segment out featured on our website #phillyfoodie #phillyevents #phillycatering #philadelphiacaterer #fullserviceevents #catering #familystyle #rehearsaldinner #cocktail #cocktailparty #caterers #gala #corporateevent #cateredfood #reception #phillyeventspace #viewporn #philly_igers #instaphilly #933wmmr #diantonioscatering #tuna #bluefintuna

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From these recent trips, John was able to make Blue Fin Tuna, Foie Gras, Wasabi Yuzu, Sushi Rice, and Crispy Wonton:

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