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Some people are chefs. Some people love to fish. This guy combines them to make a living!

A little bio John wrote about himself:
“I am the most passionate person you will meet about food. I believe food should be as fresh as possible, and as close to its original form, without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. I have been honing my craft for 32 years in Philadelphia, and have traveled to over 23 countries, studying local cuisines, and can pretty much make anything authentically. I have varying interests other than catching these giant tuna, which include, spear fishing (my dream is to shoot a 500lb tuna with my spear gun, I have the gun, just haven’t had the opportunity yet), buying and selling high end comic books, and video games, studying crypto-currency and the bitcoin space. When I am not working I love to surf and teaching my grandson Mason about life. Our motto is ‘Food so good you would think we kidnapped your Grandmother'”.

Instagram: diantonios_catering

From these recent trips, John was able to make Blue Fin Tuna, Foie Gras, Wasabi Yuzu, Sushi Rice, and Crispy Wonton:

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