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Dr. Lacovara is a Paleontologist, Professor, Expeditioner, Science Communicator, TED Speaker, Explorers Club Medalist, and the author of “Why Dinosaurs Matter”.

The founding dean of Rowan University’s School of Earth & Environment and a world-renowned paleontologist, joined the ranks of Jane Goodall, Neil Armstrong, James Cameron and Neil DeGrasse Tyson when he received The Explorers Club Medal in New York City earlier this month.

You may have heard Dr. Lacovara on our show in the past. In 2005, he discovered Dreadnoughtus schrani, one of the largest dinosaurs ever to walk the earth. Ken (as we like to call him) is an elected fellow of The Explorers Club, a Manhattan-based professional society.

Audio: Ken Lacovara & The Explorers Club Medal visit WMMR

The Explorers Club Medal is the highest honor that can be bestowed by the Club, and is awarded for extraordinary contributions directly in the field of exploration, scientific research, or to the welfare of humanity. Past recipients include:
1961 – President Herbert Hoover
1971 – Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr. and Michael Collins for NASA
1986 – Sir Edmund Hillary
1993 – Jane Goodall
1995 – Robert Ballard
2013 – James Cameron
2015 – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Plus, for some reason, he actually occasionally listens to the Preston & Steve Show. This “worldly known good guy” was on the show on Monday!

Listen to the interview on our “Fun Sized Podcast Page“.

If you’re interested in learning more about the discovery of Dreadnoughtus, check out this article from the New York Times.
Argentine Dinosaur Was an Estimated 130,000 Pounds, and Still Growing

Argentine Dinosaur Was an Estimated 130,000 Pounds, and Still Growing

PHILADELPHIA - Eighty-five feet long, 30 feet tall, 130,000 pounds and still growing when it died, a newly described dinosaur is among the largest land animals that ever lived - so big its discoverers are calling it the Dreadnoughtus.

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