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Our favorite Bizarre File story of the day!

For more than 30 years, it was a mystery that couldn’t be solved. Orange plastic novelty phones shaped like the classic cartoon cat Garfield kept washing up on a rocky beach in Brittany, in western France.

A few days ago, volunteers cleaning the beaches helped to figure out what had happened: the source of the Garfield phones was a long-lost shipping container, found in a rocky cave.

This video explains a little bit more about why parts of the 1980’s relics have been steadily washing up on the Iroise coast of Brittany:

Unfortunately, the container remains buried underneath the rocks and cannot be accessed. As a result, the orange parts from all the Garfield phones will continue to wash up on the beaches. Quel dommage!


We discuss this bizarre story and many more on today’s Bizarre Files Podcast.

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