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Don’t be fooled by that photo. Jake Arrieta‘s beard has a staggering amount of grown since it was taken in early days of Spring Training before Phillies were the top of everyone’s mind and before we had Bryce Harper. Yep, please excuse us jumping right into the topic of Harper, there’s is a good segue coming, we promise…

During our conversation with the Phillies Pitcher this morning no one was surprised to hear that the energy in the stadium (home and away) is mirrored in the clubhouse. These guys are excited and quick to admit that they themselves are fans of this team. “We’re not sizing the rings yet, but we’re gonna be pretty good!” What did surprise the Missouri native is the social media genius who took the “tidying up the house” video he posted to welcome to Bryce Harper and re-posted it to acknowledge the Phillies first sweep of the season. We all expect to that fancy black speedo a lot more this season.

“We’re not sizing the rings yet, but we’re gonna be pretty good!” – Jake Arrieta

But it was all baseball and winning and celebrating and “high hopes” and Bryce Harper, we got to know another side of Jake this morning in his passion for this city and Pearl Jam. Apologies, we also pitted his passion for this city against his passion for Pearl Jam… but he passed the test.

Take a listen to this great conversation and if any can get Preston on the golf course with Jake, please let us know: