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It came down to #TeamRizzo vs #TeamRanch. Your vote determinded the champion of the very first Daily Rush Madness, a bracket of 64 videos, the #1 seat in the PRIVILEGED region….

1. Casey’s Ranch Dressing Freak Out

A moment that happened early in the morning of Apr 8, 2016, coincidentally the same day as the Villanova Men’s Basketball Parade. The explosion was genuine, full of frustration and never ever gets old:

Thank you Caseyboy for being so compassionate every morning and laying your silliest secrets on the line for the last 20+ years. We love you.

We also appreciate everyone who voted in our Daily Rush Madness and all of you who log on to to watch our videos everyday. If you are new to the world of Daily Rushes then WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!

Shout out to our Executive Video Producer Nick Murphy and his team who put together these highlights for your (and our) enjoyment.

Lastly, thank you Punch Line Philly Comedy Club Restaurant and Bar for sponsoring the Daily Rush and providing a cool prize along with this contest. Congratultions to Constance Bienkowski of Riverside, NJ, winner of a pair of tickets to every Punch Line show for the rest of the year.