DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 14: Guitarist Oli Herbert Philip with "All that Remains" at the Grizzly Rose on October 14, 2016 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Tom Cooper/Getty Images for Freedom On Festival)

One of the final recordings from late All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert has been released.

Herbert guested on A Dead Desire’s cover of the Eurythmics hit single “Here Comes The Rain Again.” The track can be heard below and is available on all major streaming services.

The release of the track, however, did receive a reaction from Herbert’s widow, Beth, who released the following statement via Facebook:

“Hello everyone. This is Beth. I am aware that something was released that contained my husband’s work on it that was not finished before his death. To be clear, if anything is to be released after Oli’s death and it isn’t All That Remains material, you need me, the executrix of the estate to sign off on it. Also, probate was not opened until this year so any arrangements after my husband‘s death for his material but before I was named executrix is unenforceable.”

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