Back in 2013 we started an end-of-school-year contest that that allowed high school students to brag about the Coolest Teacher at their school. Here’s how is worked:

  • We put the names of every high school in the Delaware Valley in a jar.
  • Each weekday morning at 6:15am we would pick one out and announce the school name.
  • Students of that school then have 24 hours to vote for the one teacher who they deemed “the coolest.”
  • That teacher gets the trophy- an official Preston & Steve Coolest Teach Coffee Mug, to show off at school.

We’ve learned a few things from this contest: 1) Our area has a lot of Cool Teachers and 2) there’s also a lot of high schools!

MAKE YOUR SCHOOL PART OF THE CONTEST – We’re asking students currently in grades 9 – 12th to help us this year by nominating their school to go into the jar. Write the name of your high school below then listen Monday – Friday at 6:15am beginning 5/13 to hear the school of the day.

(deadline: Thursday, May 9th @ 11:59pm)


See all the past Coolest Teacher winners here.