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“Damn, I just cut my mullet off last week!” We finally got to meet Adrian Zmed and, man, he was even cooler in person than we ever hoped for. We went on at length about Bachelor Party, he shared secrets about “T.J. Hooker” and of course we went bowling! (Grease 2) Adrian is in town this weekend performing in Middletown at the Delaware Playhouse [tix]

Mariah Carey smells like “if cotton candy had the perfume of angels.” Yup, from Chris Redd’s mouth to your ears, we asked the SNL star what it was like working with the laundry list of stars on the set of  Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. By the way, Chris, if you’re reading this, you are just as cool as Adrian Zmed. Chis Redd has two shows, tonight only at Punchline Philly [tix]

Listen to both of these interviews plus “Rambo” reviewing the new Rambo and more: