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A note from Casey Boy:

Well, its that time of year again.  Summer is here, which means I will be on my bike a lot more.  I am getting ready for the Ben to the Shore Bike Tour on July 27th.  While the name of the Tour has changed from the Tour de Shore to the Ben to the Shore Bike Tour…AND the name of the charity has changed to Families Behind the Badge Children’s Foundation, everything is STILL THE SAME!

We are still accepting riders on Team WMMR Rock & Rollers.  Last year we were the talk of the Tour w/ our team jerseys, and this year will be no different!!  The only way to get a jersey is to earn it, and the only way to earn it is to sign up for Team WMMR and raise the minimum amount.  That is it.  BUT you have to act soon, because we need to have our jersey order in very very very soon.  Time is of the essence.  If you are a little nervous about attempting a 65 mile bike ride…know this.  I DID IT!!!  If I can do it, so can you.  You may also join the ride at different starting points, so you wouldn’t have to do the full 65 mile ride.

If you missed the interview this morning, we also got Bert Kreisher to join the team! He’s in town at The Met Philly the night before and committed to riding with us the next morning (he’s already planning on pulling an all nighter then continuing the party in AC). If you know Bert then you know he’s serious… so this will be fun!

All of the info about the ride is available right here.  Please join the team…we would LOVE to have you!!!

Ride On, Casey Boy

**Sign up by Friday, June 7 to secure the top secret and highly sought after Team WMMR Jersey**