David Crosby's Advice To Teens: Don't Fear Death

David Crosby was announced as Rolling Stone's newest advice columnist back in April. His very first installment of his "Ask Croz" column happens to include a video, and already, Crosby is delivering the goods.

Crosby addresses a number of topics in the video below, but he had some interesting things to say for a 16-year-old who wrote to him asking what to do about her "crushing fear of death and existential dread."

"Fear of death at 16? You’re kidding!" said Crosby. "You can’t be afraid of death. You're 16. When you’re 60, you can be afraid of death. I’m afraid of death. I’m 77 – at 16, you don’t get to be afraid of death. I’m sorry; you’re not qualified. I promise you, you will be later, but now, you might as well concern yourself with more fun stuff.”

When originally announced, Rolling Stone said the "Ask Croz" feature would begin in the magazine starting with the June issue. An accompanying video wasn't announced at that time, but hopefully, they continue with every month, because they're super entertainment and ridiculously insightful.

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