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Happy birthday, Sir Paul! 

Every year on Paul McCartney’s birthday we reference that one time Preston met his idol. Unfortunately the circumstances were less than perfect…

Flashback to April 29, 1993, and a young DJ cutting his teeth on St. Louis radio was ecstatic for the opportunity to see his favorite Beatle perform The New World Tour at Busch Memorial Stadium. Not too long before the show was set to begin, someone from the McCartney camp sought out the dough eyed Kenny Knight to let him know the interview was happening in a few minutes.

Interview? What interview? No one told me there was an interview. 

With no radio equipment and no prep time, Kenny (aka young Preston Elliot) found a nearby phone and called into the radio station to do the interview by passing the handset back and forth:

Preston’s biggest/only regret from this experience? Getting his poster signed to Ken.

Thanks to the magic of internet you can watch that entire concert – 1993 bootleg quality video.