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The craziest Bizarre File Story for today? Maybe. It’s definitely the scariest video!

A surveillance camera captured the terrifying accident on a ferry in Tadoussac, Quebec. The RV can be seen jumping the ramp and landing on the deck of the ferry, which had just left the dock.

The crash, which happened in Canada, was the result of what authorities say was a mechanical issue, which was likely the RV losing its brakes. The RV had been careening down the hill toward the ferry that had already pulled away from the shore. At incredibly high speeds, the RV hit the launch ramp, flew through the air, and came crashing down onto the deck of the ferry.

It looks like the RV hit a tall metal structure on the back of the boat, before crashing down onto the deck. Fortunately, nobody on the ferry was killed, but sadly, the driver died from his injuries.

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