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There’s no way around it, prevention is key for sun protection. Apply sunscreen before going out into the sun and reapply frequently. But, every once in a while you may mess up and let the sun get the best of you. Facebook user, Cindie Allen-Stewart, shared a home remedy she uses as an alternative to aloe… and apparently it works! 

Cindie Allen-Stewart

EDIT: Let me just clear up a few things. I have been approached by a couple of news companies, and I have given my permission to repost this, but let me just tell you something. Most of them that are...

Secret ingredient: Menthol Foam Shaving Cream

  • it has to be foam and it has to have menthol. Cindie recommends Gillette, easily found on Amazon

Step 1:  Apply the shaving cream on the burn. Do not rub it in, just let the cream sit on your skin.

Step 2: Once it begins to dry up, about 30 minutes, rinse with lukewarm or cool water

Step 3: You should see immediate results, repeat daily until maximum relief is achieved.

*we suggest reading Cindie’s post for tips and tricks and, just one more reminder, WEAR SUNSCREEN YOU JABRONIS!


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