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Did anyone else grow up thinking that it’s illegal to turn the car’s dome light on while driving? US TOO! Turns out it’s 100% NOT illegal to turn on the interior light; you’re parents lied!

What other incorrect driving laws did we grow up believing?

According to the website, Is It Illegal to Drive…? in NJ it’s illegal to drive too slowly, in PA the driver cannot wear headphones, and golf carts are not street legal in NJ, PA, DE or MD.

How about with a passenger’s feet hanging out the window? That’s considered inadvisable.  Good news, DE passengers are permitted to have an open container of alcohol! (reminder to drink responsibly)

But did you know about air fresheners hanging from your rear view mirror? Take a listen to the conversation where we debunked more myths and got legit legal guidance:

Spoiler alert: From a NJ Police Officer: pretty much everything is illegal in NJ.