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In 2018 Preston & Steve threw a Mass Wedding at The Camp Out for Hunger.

60 couples tied the night with Gritty, Phanatic  and a team of mascots serving as witnesses.  [Mass Wedding: photo gallery, videos & podcast]

There’s a new idea for 2019: Mass Gender Reveal!  (details below)

It’s just an idea for now, but if the show can get enough interested pregnant listeners to sign up there it’s destined to happen! They have penciled it in to happen on the first day of Camp Out For Hunger – Monday, December 2nd – with an 8:30a arrival and 10:30a wrap.

Would you be interested in participating? Send an e-mail to let us know. If we get enough responses this thing might just happen!

If you’re here to help with the firetruck request, e-mail Thanks!