Preston & Steve’s Camp Out For Hunger

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Camp Out for Hunger is a week-long event starting on Monday, December 2nd at 6am and ending Friday, December 6th at 11am. Which leaves many people asking, when should I come by?

The answer depends on what you want to experience! Are you looking for entertainment? An activity? Or the convenience of dropping your donation quickly and rolling out? Here’s a basic guide:

To watch The Preston & Steve Show live: Monday – Friday, 6a – 10:30a

To see our co-workers broadcasting live: 

  • Pierre Robert: Tuesday – Thursday, 10:30a – 3p
  • Jaxon: Wednesday – Thursday, 3p – 7p
  • Jacky Bam Bam: Wednesday, 7p – 9p

Camp Out After Dark Events:

  • Comedy Night: Monday @ 8p, featuring a surprise, all-star lineup. Arrive early to get seated. Details here  
  • Calendar Release Party: Meet all 12 girls from the 2020 Preston & Steve Calendar. Details here  

To participate in mid-day events:

Our staff and volunteers make donating very easy with a drive thru drop off area open every day 6am – 9pm. They allow you to pull up, unload and go on with your day OR park and come into the tent. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner provided by area restaurants every day, so skip your normal routine and come hang with us!  Dunkin provides free coffee every morning as well.

We discussed this topic in depth and highlighted a few things that we’re looking forward to, take a listen:

Pro tips:

  • Quiet times in the tent are usually mid to late afternoon/early evening.
  • Camp Out for Hunger is a family friendly event.
  • Skelly Amusements offers FREE carnival rides for everyone during the morning show and in the evenings.
  • Free parking during the Sixers & Flyers games available for donors in Lot ‘S’ of Citizen’s Bank Park.

If you have other questions, there is a ton of info on the Camp Out for Hunger Page. We look forward to seeing you there!