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Turkey preparations are easier than they seem, honestly the hardest part can be remembering what to do since we only make a bird once a year. Even our culinary expert, The Connoisseur, seeks out guidance! Follow these basic tips for the Thanksgiving feast:

The Connoisseur (aka Preston Elliot) will be watching this instructional video from Alton Brown on Thursday morning:

How to Truss a Turkey-Food Network

Alton Brown teaches the proper technique for trussing a turkey. This video is part of Thanksgiving Videos with Alton Brown show hosted by Alton Brown . SHOW DESCRIPTION :This video is only available online at

Carving a turkey is an art too and can completely change the taste of the meat. If you don’t know how to perfectly cut the bird study this tutorial:

You're Doing It All Wrong - How to Carve a Turkey

Learn how to carve a turkey the right way! Mark Dommen, chef-partner of San Franciscos One Market Restaurant, advises viewers against the wrong approach: Do not use a dull knife, do not carve at the dining table (as much as you might want to), and do not hack at your bird willy-nilly.

How’s this for a review: The Connoisseur sampled Marisa’s cranberry sauce… said it’s the best he ever had! Click here for the recipe.

This year The Inquirer introduced most of us to Potato Filling. Link to that recipe is here

More Turkey Day Links:

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Here at The Preston & Steve Show we are most thankful for you! 

Enjoy your time with loved ones and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.