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WE HAVE MINNIE!! WE HAVE MINNIE!! That’s how the update on Niki Dougherty-Ramirez‘s Facebook page begins. The post begging for help to find her daughter’s missing stuffed animal had been shared over 62,850 times. The story began when 13 year old Bryanna, who had Minnie by her side for all 60 of the brain surgeries she has undergone, thought she left the doll behind at the Bensalem Chick-Fil-A. The city was turned upside down looking for Minnie. Turns out she was at home the whole time.

Reading that “Bryanna is soooooo ecstatic to have her in her arms again. Now she can eat and sleep again!!!” is the happy ending we all wanted. As parents we will do anything for our kids, especially when their favorite stuffed animal has gone missing. In fact it’s the topic of today’s Fun Size Podcast. We learn about Piglet and Piglet #2 who live at Casey’s house, Kathy’s childhood stuffed doggie. But it ends with the best call of the day: a girl who went dumpster diving on acid in Atlantic City to find her DJ Tanner Pillow Pet. Take a listen: 

*cue The Goldbergs theme*