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MMRBQ Alum and one of the coolest chicks we know, Dorothy Martin, announced recently that she is suffering from Breast Implant Illness. Unfortunately, this diagnosis is not widely recognized by the medical community, but the every growing community of patients who do identify with the diagnosis are working hard to raise awareness. That’s why Dorothy reached out to share her story, take a listen:

A few months ago, after finding herself in a really bad place with no answers why, Dorothy started Googling her symptoms. She stumbled upon and nearly spit out her coffee as her mind was opened up to the idea that her breast implants could be the root of the mental and physical issues. “THAT’S ME!” she recalled exclaiming during the interview with Preston & Steve.

It’s only been thirteen days since having her implants removed, and Dorothy admits that she is suffering from some post-surgery depression, but there was also an enormous weight lifted off of her immediately after the explant. She was compelled  to share her story immediately and hopefully provide similar relief to women who may be suffering from the same issue.

For fans of Dorothy’s music, you can absolutely expect that this full body detox will make it’s way into her new album –  which she promises is on it’s way very soon –  and will feature a bevvy of collaborations with artists she revealed in the interview.

Listening to the full conversation you’ll understand why this phone call was so important for Dorothy to make. Please pay it forward and share the info with anyone in your life you may think this can effect in a positive way.