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Cooped up? Cabin fever? Stir crazy? Losing your mind? Here at we are dedicated to keeping you sane 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Always live, always local. Here’s a quick map of all the good stuff we have to offer (hold on tight, there’s a lot!)

#Listen Live

See the big, circular play button on the bottom of this page? Click it and you’ll instantly hear the radio station live from wherever you are! (tip: you can also download the MMR app or ask Alexa/Google to “play MMR”)


We’ve got a few: The Preston & Steve Show delivers a daily episode of their entire show every single day. If you’re just looking for a little nugget, snack on The Bizarre Files or Fun Size Podcast. We’ve got nerdom covered with the Comicbook Gurus and a slice of life that makes you go “huh” with Thoughts on Stuff featuring the talented behind the scenes staff of the radio station. Lastly, the biggie, the (almost) 52 year vault of radio treasures brought to you on demand inside the MMaRchives. Ps, Did we mention that all of our podcasts are 100% free?

#Rock News

So glad you’re here! A brand new video series called Rock Breakdown just launched and you gotta check it out. Everything you wanna know delivered to you by our Rock Queen, Sara, in under two minutes. For a more in depth read, bookmark the News That Rocks page. It delivers up to the minute news, info and gnarly lists we put together about our favorites rockers all day long.

#Daily Rush

Want even more Preston & Steve? Take a peek into the studio and see all the crazy stunts, live performances or just the funniest moment of the day with this daily video series. Reminder! Daily Rush Madness begins this Friday. You get to vote for the best Daily Rush video of the past year.

#Rock Shop

We love this radio station so much that we wear it on our sleeve. You can too! Visit the virtual merch booth to pick up your favorite MMR swag. Makes a pretty good gift too!