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Because. That’s why.

But while you’re here… We had a great conversation with Bert this morning and you really should take a listen. His tour was abruptly halted, all the press for his comedy special was cancelled, so he’s just at home, cooking brisket. He’s really torn up and frightened by everything that’s happening right now, so he’s begging everyone to stay home so we can beat this thing and get healthy enough to attend his show at The Borgata this summer. Kidding. But really, a bunch of his friends slated to shoot specials in the coming weeks are screwed which gave Bert a whole new outlook on his Netflix special being released this past weekend: “Comedy at the base is meant to take your mind off the stuff that really matters. I had no intention of this special ever becoming that; but if it can provide anyone relief from their fears or their OCD or their anxiety or their general boredom in their house.. then… man… that was well worth it.” Take a listen to our interview this morning and enjoy the photos of Bert from Cardboard Classic.

Bert’s Sled at the Cardboard Classic


Watch Bert’s surprisingly successful sledding adventure on the Cardboard Classic Daily Rush