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COVID-19 Updates

Hey gang, Ryan here! For those that don’t know, I grew up in the restaurant business. When I’m not wearing my many hats here at MMR, I’m working at my family’s restaurant: Ryan Christopher’s BYOB in Narberth (good lookin’ name isn’t it?! Haha!). It’s run by my grandparents, Mike and Phyllis, along with my mom, Kim, and myself. We have been proudly family owned and operated for 11 years.
Like many (if not all) restaurant owners in our area, we are facing challenging times right now due to the recent efforts to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19. We have been forced to close our dining room and resort to only takeout and delivery options which we weren’t prepared for. 6ABC Action News recently shared our story on their airwaves, and it is a sentiment of many of your favorite eateries.

Restaurants across Philadelphia area hit hard by COVID-19

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Restaurants around the Philadelphia area are getting hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak. Bishop's Collar General Manager Louisa Magda said they had to slash staffing hours while operating as takeout only. The Fairmount Irish bar is experimenting with delivery to give employees more work.

It may be a bit of a scary time for all but lest we forget this is the City of BROTHERLY LOVE! We thrive on coming together to support one another in times of need (even if that means spacing ourselves out a little bit) and no group of people bands together better than the MMR family. Yes: FAMILY! Our cluster of stations here at Beasley Media has set up Operation: Shop Local to give a boost to the many businesses that make Philadelphia so unique. Please check it out.
Let us all remember to support local businesses during all of this and be there for one another during these trying times. And thank you for being the incredible human being you are! Now go wash your hands…..
-Ryan Shuttleworth