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Drunk Instagramming isn’t always a good idea, but in the case it was a fantatic! After a few cocktails on Friday night, Rob McElhenney and Kaitlyn Olsen posted a photo with the caption: robmcelhenney – The McElhenneys are getting drunk! Hope you’re all enjoying your time at home. May we respectfully request that you donate to @philabundance? They’re doing great work for our most at-risk. We’re gonna match all donations up to 25k. Make us spend this Sunny money damnit. Link to the GoFundMe page in bio.

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This And you did not disappoint. In less than a day the GoFundMe surpassed the $25,0000 mark encouraging Philly’s first couple to up the ante: kaitlinolson–  If you guys collectively make it to $50K raised for @philabundance by the end of today, @robmcelhenney and I will donate $35,000. Link in bio! This organization is doing amazing work to help feed people in need in a city that means so much to us. We know times are tough and people are scared. The $10 donations almost mean more to us than the bigger ones. We see you. And we are so grateful. ♥️

As we write this article, the GoFund has hit the $50K goal and continues to collect. Thank you Rob and Kaitlin for using your dirty “Always Sunny” money to do something good and help our community.

We saw it when Kaitlin called into your show last week, then Rob posted the GoFundMe: we’re just incredibly humbled and grateful for the awareness, for the funds, for the support anyone can give us right now,” Stefanie Ark-Baynes from Philabundance shared with us this morning. “Please continue to volunteer, host a virtual food drive, anything helps.” Links available on