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From Todd Glass' June 2017 visit to The Preston & Steve Studio

Todd Glass has casually asked for a few favors over the years, mostly stuff for his mom. They were always in good fun, sometimes they did pan out, but really they established her as character in his life, on stage and off. Well, some sad news came down last week, his mom, Maureen, has fallen ill.

At the end of our conversation this morning Todd informed us that his mom was diagnosed with cancer. He is still processing the news, but the hardest part has been accepting that he can not travel to Philly to see her and, even worse, family members who live nearby are not able to go to the hospital to visit her.

He’s not asking for someone to landscape the yard outside her hospital window or drop off a new Subaru, but Todd is asking folks to keep her company. Send a note, walk by and wave if you happen to work in the hospital and can safely access the area. It’s a very lonely time for anyone who is going through this alone and we can all pitch in to brighten someone’s day!

If you wish to send Maureen Glass a letter the address is listed below. *please do not send flowers per the hospital’s request*

UPDATE: Todd and his family are profoundly thankful for the outpouring of kindness they experienced  through your cards and letters. Maureen passed in February 2023.